Claims Matter

Trip Cancellation Due to Injury

Ms Soo booked a Japan trip on April. Unfortunately , she accidentally fall at her home and caused her injured badly before the trip . She was forced to cancel her trip because of injury. She was compensated for all the deposits she’ve paid.

  - Mdm Soo -

Trip Cancellation Due To Dengue Fever

Two days before our honeymoon trip to Bali, my wife came up with high fever tested positive with dengue fever. Resulting us to cancel the trip. We reimbursed on all our deposits and air tickets paid.

  - Mr Lai -

Trip cancellation due to riot? Citylife2u will reimburse all your loss.

We was compensated for all the deposits and air tickets to Bangkok due to the recent riot in the country.

  - Poh & Chong's Family -

Citylife2u Travel PA reimburse RM3,800 for Medical Expenses and Hospital Confinement Benefit.

India is a beautiful and adventurous country. While Jasmine in India, she suffered a bad stomach ache and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. With Citylife2u Travel PA, she was reimburse for the medical expenses and hospital confinement of RM3,800.00.

  - Jasmine -

Mr Khoo was compensated for the Air ticket and Accommodation.

3 days before Mr Khoo departure, his father passed away. He need to arrange his father's funeral and cancel his trip. Joshua was compensated for all the money paid to the Airlines and Hotel.

  - Mr Khoo -

James evacuation was arranged by Asia Assistant and his other medical expenses was paid.

James and his friends joined an expedition to Mount Himalaya. While his mountaineering attempt to the peak, James was struck by frostbite and his condition was critical. He was evacuated to the nearest hospital by a helicopter for an emergency medical attention.

  - James -

She was compensated for the additional expenses on this incident.

Angie was designated to Amsterdam for a business trip. Upon arriving at the airport, her luggage was missing. She bought herself a new pair of working attire to attend the meeting and some other personal effects for her usage while she was in Amsterdam.

  - Angie -

Joshua was compensated for all the ambulance fees and medical expenses paid.

While Joshua was walking at Shilin Night Market, he was accidentally knock by a hit and run motorist. His left knee was twisted and he was sent to hospital by ambulance for medical treatment.

  - Joshua -

Madam Lee was compensated for the deposits for the accommodation, inbound trips and air tickets.

Five days prior to departure, Nicole suffered from Dengue fever and she was admitted to hospital for medical attention.

  - Madam Lee -